Blogger Me

Well Blogger me if it ain’t all change at St. George’s as the revolving Chairman’s seat spins once more. Who will fill it nobody knows ? well not permanently anyway. Chairman of the Supporters Trust, Stuart Ross has stuck his hand in the air and says he will do it in the interim. Nobody would argue because he’s the tallest by a long way. It’s also important the club has some stability for a while because there’s an awful lot happening.
We have a new reserves team playing under the guidance of St. John of Linnington, a team full of youthful promise and skill. It may take a few games to get used to the pace and physicality of the Wyvern League but once they find their mark , these lads will be a force to deal with. Don’t be too hard on them if things don’t go so well to start with, they will flourish with encouragement.
In the Island Div 2, we have a new A team, formerly the reserves. They have had some tasty friendlies over the summer but the gloves are off now and we hope they can improve on last season. A new manager at the helm, Nick Richardson and everything to play for. Enjoy your season lads and you are every bit of this club as anyone else.
Finally, our First team who have had a bit of a mixed start to the season , getting off to a flyer with a late goal at Fareham but exiting a couple of cups either side of a draw at home to Whitchurch.
Today they are playing the first league match on the plastic pitch down at Hamworthy. Ever since they started charging 5p a bag at Sainsbury’s there has been a mountain of plastic and now they are making pitches out of it. Come to think of it they must use the green Asda bags for the pitch. Perhaps we will get one when they build the Asda next door ?
Let’s all hope Sammy can conjure up a result today and bring some points back to the Island, there’s still a long way to go in this league, which looks more competitive this year than for quite a while.
You may be wondering whats going on with the club website ? The answer is not a lot at the moment. Hopefully it can be sorted out or a new one started, one or the other. In the meantime I will try to keep those on distant shores – Yes you Mike Payne – up to date with what I know (which isn’t much).
Keep believing – and let’s hear you … UTP