How we shall return to Football with Spectators

We are sure all of our spectators are excited at the prospect of the return to competitive football here on the Island.

Whilst this return is welcome , it will also be different to the event we have all grown to know and love. Both Newport and East Cowes Vics Football Clubs have completed Risk Assessments to form a basis of how we can provide safe conditions for players, officials, staff and supporters to enjoy football again. There risk assessments have been posted on our individual club websites.

You must not attend any match if you have Coronavirus (Covid 19) or a member of your household has Coronavirus or if you develop symptoms associated with Coronavirus.

We will be requiring everybody who enters the ground to provide contact details so that we can notify them through Track and Trace should there be any occurrence of Covid 19 affecting any person who attends the same match. These details will be taken before anyone reaches the turnstiles, we will also use head thermometers to test people entering the ground. This will all slow down entry to the ground, however on our website we have uploaded here a form that can be printed off and completed with contact details for up to 6 people, the maximum a group can attend together as a “social bubble”. This would be helpful in reducing queues at turnstiles. For those with smart phones we have placed QR codes around the ground that can be scanned and recorded on the Track and Trace site.

Volunteers may be wearing gloves, masks or visors, we shall also provide hand sanitiser stations throughout the ground and clubhouse.

We ask that social distancing measures be followed in the ground and particularly in the clubhouse.

Markers have been painted on the hard surface around the pitch to denote 2 metre distances and we ask that you use these as a guide to assist social distancing. No more than 6  people should stand in a “social bubble” group and should still socially distance as much as possible. In the grandstand, alternate seats have been taped off to provide socially distances seating. Please do not remove these tapes.

The clubhouse will operate a one way system that returns you to the ground and tables are placed at appropriate distances. Please do not move from table to table. The bar area is screened off and drink orders must be taken at your table and brought to you in plastic containers. Half time drinks can be pre-ordered and paid for in advance and will be ready for you at half time when you enter the club. There are reduced numbers of tables inside but East Cowes Vics have purchased a number of picnic benches that allow food and hot drinks to be enjoyed sat down outside. These can be purchased form the usual window, please ensure you adhere to the socially distanced markings.

Toilets are in the clubhouse and have restrictions on the number that can enter at any one time, follow the markings to queue socially.

Tables, chairs door handles etc will have been cleaned at the start of the day and at intervals throughout the day depending on use.

During the match we ask that supporters do not touch the match ball should it come their way. By all means kick it back but please avoid touching it. We all value your support but please avoid shouting when facing each other, this also applies to coughing and sneezing.

Finally, we appreciate this is considerably different to what we have all experienced before, but it is better than matches behind closed doors and please don’t blame the volunteers, they simply want to allow supporters to watch matches in safety.