Seaclose plan rejected – we build at the Racecourse

Newport FC will commence the building of their new stadium at The Racecourse this year, as the alternative site at Seaclose Park is ruled out.

Newport FC Chairman Tony Wake released the following statement today;

“I am disappointed it has not been possible to find a way forward with the alternative plan to relocate Newport Football Club to Seaclose. It was a proposal that I – and many others – thought had many advantages for the club, its supporters and the wider community. Nevertheless, we already have permission for a new ground and clubhouse at the nearby Racecourse site. This too will provide an excellent facility for Newport FC and a variety of other users.

There are still one or two issues we need to sort out but we hope to begin work on this high-quality sports stadium by the end of the year and have it ready for use by the summer of 2022.”